New Artwork

Last night I was scrolling around on my phone, trying to find out when the speakeasy called Volstead’s here in Minneapolis was going to open up again.

 I wanted to go and take some photos for you all because it’s a really cool place and it closed due to COVID, but it will be opening up again soon. More on that later.

While the Minneapolis Volstead’s is closed, there is another one called Volstead House (I don’t know if they’re owned by the same people or not) in Eagan, MN. I clicked on it to see what it was all about (even though Eagan is about a $50 Lyft ride from here) and imagine my surprise to find out that they’re using our artwork!

Just kidding. I’m sure they’ve had the artwork for a while. Also it’s not identical. I’m sure the photo in the background is their own bar, where mine is a stock photo of Sheik’s bar in 1934.

But we both chose the same font. Granted, it is the coolest 1920s font in Canva so I’m sure that’s why we both liked it.

So in order to avoid a cease-and-desist I decided to just change ours. Though I’d never seen theirs before, I’m sure they had it longer than I did.

Drum roll please…’s the new artwork.

Honestly, all I did is change the font.

My other task today is finding the right background music to put on the extended trailer that Heather and I recorded last Saturday.

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