NEW WEBSITE – this one is going away

Hi all,

I recently learned about a new platform called Podpage and I thought I’d give it a shot. It was so nice and easy, it created a page for me in about 5 minutes, using my RSS feed from my host, Red Circle.

I used the 7-day free trial and was super impressed. So, I bit the bullet ($$) and signed up for the pro version so that I could blog over there too.

Now I no longer need this site, so after a few days (and I’m sure everyone who cares has seen this) I will redirect this URL.

Also I secured the domain name, ($) so that no one else could. But without paying more, I can’t actually use it, it just redirects to Collected Sounds.

Come over and see the new page! It’s got all the episodes, blogs posts, reviews, and more.

Screenshot of podpage

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